Now Available—Major Software Release for MiniCAT Customers

With Xoran’s latest 5.9 Software Release*, patient workflow with MiniCAT is easier than ever …

  • No more Daily Calibration
  • No more Daily QC
  • Streamlined Monthly Calibration and QC reporting

Just-in-Time Calibration

With Xoran’s latest improvement—Just-in-Time Calibration, MiniCAT customers can remove Daily Calibration and Daily QC from their daily workflow.

Just-in-Time Calibration not only eliminates the need to calibrate your MiniCAT daily, this new configuration ensures the best possible image quality for your CT system.

Monthly Gain Calibration and Monthly QC

Xoran’s valued customers can rest assured that the image quality and maintenance of their system is in safe hands. With Xoran’s new recommended guidelines, Gain Calibration and QC are combined into one easy process.

Automated Reporting within the Software

Now you can automatically generate your QC Report Table within your MiniCAT software.

With a few mouse clicks, you can save a PDF or print your report, making document generation for your IAC Accreditation or Re-Accreditation application even easier.

For Gain Calibration, follow the same step-by-step process you are used to, but now just do it on a monthly schedule!

Contact Xoran Customer Service 800-70-XORAN to inquire about eligibility for the 5.9 Software Release, training, and software installation.








* Call Xoran Customer Service at 800-70-XORAN for eligibility.

Xoran MiniCAT 2020 and Fiagon Navigation Show Unprecedented Registration Accuracy

Xoran and Fiagon NA announce 0.5 mm registration accuracy with Fiagon Navigation when scanning with Xoran’s new MiniCAT 2020—a sinus-optimized scanner with larger-than-life FOV,
20 cm x 14 cm.

Think you have enough registration accuracy? Ask your CT vendor and IGS partner how their registration accuracy compares.

Since Xoran’s beginning in 2001, Xoran has been compatible with the newer versions of all the major surgical navigation systems. It’s the power of True DICOM and True Xoran: sub-millimeter Image Guided Surgery (IGS) registration accuracy with a quick, seamless DICOM push.

That’s right. Xoran and Fiagon have leveraged their long-standing relationship and success in research initiatives across multiple surgical specialties to demonstrate an unprecedented level of average accuracy—0.5 mm—with Xoran’s MiniCAT 2020 and Fiagon Navigation.

Late last month, Fiagon NA Corporation and Entellus Medical, Inc., now a part of Stryker, announced that they have renewed their agreement, allowing Entellus to continue exclusively distributing Fiagon-branded Navigation Systems and accessories in the United States for ear, nose, and throat applications to hospitals, offices, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Xoran, Fiagon, and Entellus/Stryker understand the needs of ENT and Allergy physicians. MiniCAT 2020 CT scan images taken directly at the patient’s point-of-care, combined with a Fiagon IGS, are a perfect fit for the busy and exacting ENT surgical practice.

Xoran’s long-standing strategic partnerships with both Fiagon and Entellus/Stryker mean that ENT surgeons can rest assured that we are constantly striving to improve the well-established compatibility of our products, keeping patient experience at the forefront of our minds.

Email for a copy of Xoran’s white paper, ‘Accuracy of Surgical Navigation using MiniCAT 2020 In-Office CT.’


Xoran—U.S. market leader in point-of-care CT since 2001, now offers the LuminX Suite of DR Products

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Xoran Technologies the pioneer and U.S. medical market leader in point-of-care CBCT since 2001, leverages its X-ray expertise in the LuminX series of digital radiography (DR) systems.

This month, Xoran is launching nationwide sales of its new LuminX DR suite of products. Xoran is exhibiting its point-of-care CBCT system—the portable xCAT, and its new suite of DR systems—LuminX, at the Association for Medical Imaging Management, AHRA 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition, held July 22-25 in Orlando, Florida.

“Adding a full line of DR solutions to our imaging portfolio is an exciting step for Xoran,” said Xoran CEO Misha Rakic. “We are looking forward to the market response to LuminX—flexible and affordable DR solutions with outstanding images, available in seconds.”

Orthopedic offices, hospitals, urgent care facilities, and veterinary clinics will all benefit from the six highly configurable systems, which include the LuminX Overhead Robotic—a ceiling-suspended DR suite, which is available with fully motorized Auto-Positioning, Tracking, and Synchronization.

The same applies to the LuminX FMTS—Floor-Mounted Tube Stand, available in fixed or mobile patient tables, motorized or manual system positioning, and single or multiple detectors of various sizes.

The highly configurable LuminX U-Arm Auto and the LuminX Straight Arm are obvious choices for ultimate workflow, with ultra-small footprint and highly configurable options. Xoran also offers DR Retrofits—affordable analog-to-digital upgrades, along with LuminX software—fast, simple and universal, and Xoran360 web-based workflow software and PACS.

Xoran provides unsurpassed, white-glove customer service and high quality, reliable products that are user- and patient-friendly. With worldwide presence via international distributors and a dedicated U.S.-based sales, operations, and service teams, Xoran’s well established reputation in CBCT can extend seamlessly into the broader X-ray market.

Dealers and distributors of X-ray and CT systems with long-established customer relationships in Urgent Care, Orthopedics, and Veterinary markets are encouraged to contact Xoran to find out more.

Xoran makes the complex simple.

© 2018 Xoran Technologies LLC



Paul Dykstra, Marketing & Communications Manager 734-418-5168



xCAT XL used in Belgium for Cochlear Implant procedure

A team of surgeons used Xoran’s new xCAT XL for a cochlear implant surgery, repairing A RARE congenital malformation of the cochlea at Antwerp Medical University Hospital in Belgium on June 27th. See video highlights and commentary of this procedure led by Prof. Yongxin Li from Beijing Yougsan University’s Otolaryngology Department. Prof. Vedak Topsakal and Professor van de Heyning invited Dr. Li, who has done nearly 100 of these procedures.

Xoran and Fiagon Collaborate in the Nuero and Spine Markets

Xoran Technologies and Fiagon AG Medical Technologies have agreed to expand their existing relationship and to collaborate in the Neuro and Spine markets.

As technology-driven companies, Xoran — a leader in compact, point-of-care CT scanners, and Fiagon — a leader in easy-to-use, electromagnetic surgical navigation systems, have leveraged their agility in delivering timely innovative products that are responsive to the specialized needs of their physician customers.

At the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) meeting in New Orleans last month, Xoran introduced xCAT IQ, a truly portable compact CT scanner for the Neurosurgical suite and the ICU. Feedback from Neurosurgeons has been positive — they shared their excitement about the image quality and maneuverability of xCAT IQ, and they were particularly impressed with its ability to display CBCT images in all multi-planar projections with highly precise geometric accuracy.

The Fiagon Brain Navigation System presents a complementary match with Xoran’s xCAT IQ — it is a uniquely small, plug-and-play surgical navigation system, meticulously designed with the neurosurgeon in mind. In line with the Fiagon company philosophy, the Fiagon Brain Navigation System packs the power of navigation into a small system that optimizes workflow, thereby saving valuable OR time.

The Xoran-Fiagon Collaboration

Xoran and Fiagon have a history of successful collaboration. Last year, the companies cooperated on a research project aimed at improving surgical workflow. The seamless and automatic registration procedure described in the white paper “Optimization of Intraoperative CT with Automatically-Registered Surgical Navigation” demonstrated that using a low-dose imaging technique and an automated registration method make it possible to provide high-quality intraoperative images with submillimeter IGS accuracy at the skull base, all in just under two minutes. Contact to obtain a copy of the white paper.

Moving toward Neuro and Spine

With the announcement of the world’s most compact and maneuverable iCT (intraoperative CT) designed for neurosurgeons — xCAT IQ, Xoran is poised to expand its collaboration with Fiagon — with products that improve workflow and accuracy in the neurosurgical suite and ICU.

“As Xoran is developing various neuro-specific features that are tailored to help surgery be more efficient and effective, it makes sense for us to work with Fiagon and other top companies on new projects and products in Neuro — Cranial and Spine,” stated Xoran CEO Misha Rakic. “Xoran has a long-standing record of successful grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH), and we are looking to further our collaboration with companies who make unique products that improve patient care.”

Fiagon had similar thoughts. “Indeed, as Fiagon expands into Neuro worldwide as well as Spine, working together just makes sense as both of our companies are passionate about point-of-care solutions designed specifically for the surgeon,” explained Fiagon’s CEO Dr. Kai Desinger.

With several active collaborative projects on the horizon, Xoran and Fiagon aim to help Neuro and Spine surgeons in both the OR and the ICU improve patient care.

Trust ENT innovation leaders — Xoran and Fiagon — to take physicians further in Neuro and Spine.

© 2018 Xoran Technologies LLC

Announcing: Xoran’s Software and New Region of Interest (ROI) Tool

What is the Zoom ROI Tool?
The Region of Interest (ROI) reconstruction selection tool allows a user to select a reconstruction protocol, then draw the dimensions of a 3D cube that can be viewed from Axial, Coronal, and Sagittal views.

The user can also choose from a variety of reconstructed slice thicknesses, including:

0.3 mm

0.2 mm

0.1 mm, and…

0.07 mm

This is what the reconstructed image would look like on a MiniCAT Temporal Bone scan at 70 microns:

Here’s another view:

Xoran customers can continue to use the easy patient-positioning that Xoran is known for, and they can select the ROI tool in the Xoran software interface to view new and existing scans at even higher resolution—down to a specification-shattering 70 microns.

This means that there is no need to re-scan a patient or even spend any time repositioning a patient so you can get the area of interest that you want.

You simply select the slice thickness you want, then draw a “selection box” on the area you want reconstructed. The tool will work for any MiniCAT IQ temporal bone or sinus scan.

No need to rescan.

BONUS: The ROI tool is compatible with older MiniCAT and xCAT studies, meaning you can go back and review your scan with best-in-the-industry 70 micron resolution.*

Aside from new customers, the ROI tool is available for existing MiniCAT and xCAT customers**.

But what about the reconstruction time?

Xoran’s new ROI tool allows users to significantly reduce reconstruction time because we reduce it to only the most relevant area at the best resolution possible.

*Compatible with MiniCAT IQ temporal bone protocol

**Call Xoran Customer Service to check if your system qualifies and to schedule your upgrade—800-70-XORAN.

We Upgrade Your Xoran Software Seamlessly

Unlike other companies, Xoran Customer Service makes your software upgrade a seamless experience.

We don’t mail you an upgrade CD and expect you to do the work.

We don’t expect you to figure out how to upgrade your CT scanner software and leave you out-in-the-cold.

We ensure that your Xoran software is running on the latest software system, providing you the peace-of-mind that your CT images and your CT scanner is safe and secure.

Xoran understands the needs of the ENT and Allergy office. We will remotely upgrade your software and train you on your schedule—so that your office day remains uninterrupted.

Call Xoran Customer Service to find out whether you are eligible for the new software upgrade—800-70-XORAN, or 800-709-6726.

You Asked, We Listened & Delivered—Better and Faster Workflow

Xoran Software Engineers have worked tirelessly to improve your MiniCAT and xCAT software experience.

The Windows File Explorer is back in MiniCAT. Your IT person will thank you!

We took out the Xoran File Explorer, and put in the Windows File Explorer in Windows 10. This means that you can access your local and network data from a new MiniCAT workstation.

You have the same level of security, but your MiniCAT 5.8 Windows 10 software is easier to use. Tell your IT specialist to call 800-70-XORAN to get your upgrade to MiniCAT 5.8 software scheduled.***

This is what your access to File Explorer in MiniCAT 5.8 with Windows 10 looks like:

Your MiniCAT Software Now Runs on Windows 10

Are you up-to-date on all your software patches?

Are you running older software that is susceptible to cyber attacks?

  • Xoran’s new 5.8 software is now easier to use, as it runs on Windows 10—it works on a new MiniCAT and xCAT workstation.

Do you know what others are saying about Windows 7 vs. Windows 10?1

  • Windows 7 mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015.
  • Windows 7 sales for PCs with Windows preinstalled ended October 31, 2016.
  • Windows 7 extended support ends on January 14, 2020. That’s less than two-years away!

Xoran made sure that your MiniCAT runs in FDA-cleared “Shell Mode,” but have enabled you to have access to your Windows File Explorer nonetheless.

Xoran upgrades your MiniCAT software with Windows, ensuring that your operating system operates as fast as possible.***

1 Read more about Microsoft Windows at and

*** Call in and ask us if your existing system can support this, not all systems can operate on Windows 10 unless you have new hardware.

Xoran’s new Software 5.8—Here’s what you need to know…

Are you thinking about purchasing a CT scanner?

Are you concerned about HIPAA Compliance?

Have you asked your CT sales person what operating system their CT runs on?

Xoran has your back—we make sure that you have improved workflow on the latest-and-greatest operating system, without sacrificing the safety and security of your MiniCAT and xCAT.

Want to upgrade?

Call the Xoran 800 number today—800-70-XORAN.

Xoran Partner Spotlight on Fuel Medical

Fuel Medical can help you purchase your MiniCAT at 0% interest on a 3-7 year term

Fuel Medical creates custom business programs and solutions for patient-focused, growth-minded ENTs, otologists, audiologists and universities. Their commitment to work with you in creating and implementing these tailored solutions for the challenges your practice faces on a daily basis sets them apart in the industry. Fuel Medical will assist you in improving patient outcomes and creating substantial growth to achieve your clinic’s potential. Practices working with Fuel Medical see an average of 15 percent annual revenue growth.

As a part of their partnership with Xoran, Fuel Medical provides MiniCAT customers access to the promotional interest rate of 0%.

Call your Xoran sales rep to see how you can talk to Fuel today.

(800) 70-XORAN |


A MiniCAT for every office

Does your CT vendor specialize in ENT and offer functions you need for your medical practice?

Xoran does. (Other CT vendors sell scanners designed for dentists).

XoranConnect is HIPAA compliant

Does your CT vendor include a PACS system that is designed specifically for you?

Xoran does. (With today’s concerns about cyber security and HIPAA compliance, you want to make sure you have an image storage/backup/sharing system that you can trust).