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Let MiniCAT help improve patient workflow

Improve patient workflow with MiniCAT 

Spring is here, which means it’s allergy season—one of the busiest times of the year for your practice. Adding a MiniCAT point-of-care CT enables the fast progression from diagnosis to treatment. Implementing MiniCAT into your practice can save patients 1-2 office visits and weeks of waiting.

  • Reduce the backlog for seeing new patients, because patients are seen and treated more quickly
  • Get surgeons back to doing what they were meant to do, because they have more time for in-office procedures
  • Increase practice revenue, because procedures are reimbursed higher than follow-up visits
  • Speed billing and payment cycles, because time-to-procedure no longer takes months

Optimize your workflow!

Download the PDF of Xoran’s patient care workflow with MiniCAT point-of-care CT in your practice.

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