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Finally, an imaging solution for Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Arkansas, DC, New Jersey, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

MiniCAT2D is the imaging solution that finally levels the playing field for those who are operating in Certificate Of Need states. Now, you can offer the same convenient and efficient diagnosis and treatment. MiniCAT2D improves workflow, increases the quality and cost effectiveness of treating sinus disease, and enables same-day diagnosis and in-office procedures, like balloon sinuplasty.
With MiniCAT2D you can get your practice and your patients to the true point of care—and stay there

Contact us to learn how your practice can benefit from a Xoran MiniCAT 2D!

Streamline Your Patient Care Workflow

Implementing MiniCAT into your practice can save patients 1-2 office visits and weeks of waiting.

Stop referring patients out of your office.

Xoran workstation2D

Experience the benefits of in-office imaging like never before.

MiniCAT2D is a fixed radiographic imaging system for high-resolution, bone-window imaging of the head. Combining the MiniCAT2D scan with the advanced imaging software capabilities of the Xoran Workstation, the diagnostic possibilities of your practice expand greatly.
  1. Offer same-day diagnoses:
    With MiniCAT2D you can provide patients with immediate answers.
  2. Improve patient retention and satisfaction:
    Patients will appreciate the convenience of receiving comprehensive care in one location, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Fast-track and supplement in-office procedures:
    MiniCAT2D enables you to streamline your workflow by minimizing the need for external referrals and subsequent appointments.
  4. Increase your ancillary revenue:
    Offering in-house imaging services not only benefits your patients but also contributes to the financial growth of your clinic.
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In-office Point-of-Care CT has never been easier!!

With Xoran’s MiniCAT and workstation you can now benefit from advanced diagnostic imaging without patients leaving your office.

Be the ENT leader with the most advanced technology available!

Trust Xoran

The market leader for in-office CT scanners for decades.

Customer service and commitment to our customers has been the driving force behind our brand. Xoran Engineers are Certified to service your MiniCAT 2D device. Only Trust the OEM to keep your machine up to date with the latest software updates and hardware upgrades!
We are committed to being your trusted advisors, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to provide exceptional patient care.
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We recommend that you use MiniCAT 2D in a room that is at least 6′ x 9′ or larger. This size will give you and your patients a little more elbow room, and may minimize or even eliminate the amount of radiation shielding needed. Weighing in at only 450 lbs., MiniCAT 2D installation is quick and efficient, without the need for additional floor reinforcement or room modification.

The MiniCAT 2D scanner emits very low radiation, and most facilities require minimal shielding to comply with State regulations. Any required shielding is typically included with your purchase. Xoran works with certified medical physicists to ensure that your scanner is safe for patients and staff, and meets all the requirements of your State’s radiation protection agency. Click for available Shielding Products

MiniCAT 2D was designed to be easy to use enabling physicians and imaging technicians to be trained in order to operate the scanner. Specific state laws govern who may operate CT scanners. Your Xoran Sales Manager will help you determine who may operate the MiniCAT scanner in your state.

MiniCAT 2D scan protocols range from approximately 1/5th to 1/20th of the radiation dose received compared to a conventional sinus CT.

The acquisition time ranges from 10-20 seconds, and the reconstruction time is less than 30 seconds.


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