Mobile. Precise. Priceless.

Imagine that you could have a truly mobile head CT in your ICU that could be quickly and easily rolled up to your patient’s bedside for a fast scan, giving you real time updates on your patient’s condition.

Built-in monitor

Brain scanning with hard and soft tissue imaging displayed on the built-in monitor.

Easy storage

Turns on a dime.

Less than 4′ footprint with zero degree turning.

Maneuvers tight spaces with easy storage.

Full 360 degree rotation

Line voltage ~120v 20 amp plugs into standard wall outlet with battery backup.

Full 360 degree rotation, more data = better data.

Effective bore diameter clears shoulders & Xoran head holders.

“The portable scanner does have the advantage of faster acquisition time, because there is not that transport involved. So when there is an acute neurological change, and we want to know why, and when we suspect that it’s due to the most common things that we see—new intracranial hemorrhage, new and worsening midline shift due to cerebral edema, new hydrocephalus—things that are relatively, readily visible on a CT scan, that’s when we would use a portable CT scanner such as xCAT IQ.”

Craig Williamson, MD, Neurologist

Interview, Ann Arbor, MI (2018)

Brain Scan Images

Healthy Patient

Evacuated Subdural Hemorrhage

Resolving Intracerebral Bleed

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