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Imagine you could have a truly mobile head CT in your ICU that could be quickly and easily rolled up to your patient’s bedside for a fast scan, giving you real time updates on your patient’s condition.

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Intraoperative mobile CT

For successful surgical interventions…image-quality matters and a full-body CT won’t fit in your OR

Your Wingman in the OR

For those moments when having a clear picture would make a difference—xCAT is designed to meet the specific needs of surgical specialists who require high-definition bone images.

Designed for Surgeons


Compact – stores in OR for immediate access
4-wheel steering – easy to move into position
Self-shielded – safe operation from the console


Confirm – accuracy of implants, plates, and fracture reductions
Optimize – surgical procedure with real-time IGS updates
Visualize – with sub-millimeter spatial resolution

Verify – completeness, get it right the first time
Link – seamless connection to PACS
Enable – adjustments to surgical plan


  • xCAT—Low Dose Large Bore
  • True 3-D Volume CT Exams
  • Easy-To-Maneuver Mobile Imaging

See for yourself.

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