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Focused on Customer Service

At Xoran Technologies, customer service is one of the cornerstones of our business. Our goal is to deliver world class service to our customers and we have designed our customer service delivery accordingly.

Direct Line to Knowledgeable Person

Every call to our support center is answered in-house by one of our highly skilled service staff. Our staff is trained to provide thorough and efficient installation, on-site service, phone and online support as well as in-depth product training.

Remote Connectivity

We use technologies that allow us to remotely connect to virtually every MiniCAT™ from our support center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Each system installed features extensive remote diagnostic capabilities. We use these tools to ensure maximum uptime if a problem occurs. We also use this connectivity to provide training and preventative maintenance for our service contract customers.

Timely, Accurate Support

If on-site service is required, Xoran will quickly dispatch a qualified service engineer to your door to ensure the maximum uptime of your scanner*. Our remote diagnosis tools allow our CSEs to show up fully prepared with an accurate diagnosis, a plan to fix the problem, and the correct parts and tools to complete the service.

* If located in the continental United States

Xoran Customer Service
Hours: M-F 8am – 8pm EST
(800) 709-6726
International +1 (734) 418-5100

Technical Support

IAC CT Accreditation

With over 300 IAC CT accredited practices in ENT and Allergy, Xoran has developed a seamless accreditation program supported by the industry’s leading experts. Out of all IAC Accredited facilities under the Sinus and Temporal Bone application, nearly 75% are Xoran MiniCAT customers. We offer several events and services to our MiniCAT customers to facilitate the completion of the IAC CT accreditation application.

Xoran’s in-house Accreditation Consultants

Assistance from our Accreditation Consultants is included with the purchase of a MiniCAT. Guidance and support is available to help answer any general or specific questions that you may have regarding the application.

Xoran Academy Seminar Series

IAC Accreditation Workshop: This course provides the attendees with the necessary tools to complete their IAC accreditation process, including all policies and procedures, case study guidance, detailed checklists and individual online application assistance. The workshop is ideal for office managers or physicians that are currently working on their IAC accreditation or re-accreditation.

CT Interpretation Event

This course fulfills 100 of the 150 scan requirement on the IAC application for those physicians taking the non-cardiac pathway. These scans will be interpreted by an established practice physician. This event also fulfills 7 of the 20 hours of CT classes relevant to the specialty*.

MiniCAT Advanced Training

This training was designed to enhance the MiniCAT user experience, including tips and tricks for consistent patient positioning, a review of basic software features, training on new and advanced software features, how to maximize efficiency with XoranConnect and more. In addition, the MiniCAT Advanced Training fulfills 5 of the 20 required hours of CT classes relevant to the specialty on the IAC CT application. The course also fulfills the 4 hour requirement of documented, specific training in the operation of the scanner*.

* These courses do not offer CME/CEU credits.

If you would like more information about our accreditation services or events, please contact

Xoran is driven to provide advanced technology

Xoran is driven to provide advanced technology that supports better patient outcomes while lowering costs within any global healthcare system. We pride ourselves in delivering world-class customer service and view all our customers as partners in the cause for enhancing the lives of the patients we serve. Thank you for touring our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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