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A veterinarian is someone’s hero every day.

With VetCAT CT in your clinic you can now see in 3D.

VetCAT equips you with state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) scanning at your fingertips.

Mobile CT for Veterinary Clinics of All Sizes

VetCAT is a small, mobile CT scanner designed for use by veterinary professionals in the clinic. VetCAT rolls easily into position at your patient’s table. With the push of a button, you get a high-quality CT scan of your patient in less than a minute.

Be the Veterinarian With The Answers

Improve Outcomes

Improving companion animal health is at the forefront of everything you do. Pet owners rely on you for answers. Your immediate access to high definition 3D X-Rays with VetCAT will help speed your diagnoses and improve the accuracy of our planning and treatment. VetCAT will make a dramatic impact on how you treat your patients and build relationships with pet owners.

Eliminate Doubt

VetCAT’s fully 3D x-ray views eliminate doubt. Traditional 2D radiographs provide only basic planar views that don’t allow you to see what lies behind and around your region of interest. With VetCAT 3D CT, there are no surprises. You can view your patient’s anatomy in high definition with geometric accuracy from all angles. VetCAT’s measurement tools will aid in precise planning and provide you with a roadmap of the anatomy you are about to approach clinically.

Efficient Treatment

Equipped with answers from VetCAT, you can avoid delays, hidden surprises, and uncertainty, and move confidently with a data-driven plan to guide you from diagnosis through treatment.

See What You’ve Been Missing

VetCAT CT has been proven to influence surgical plans and intraoperative decision-making in more than 30% of cases.

Make Better Decisions With High Quality 3D Images

Designed for clinicians who want fast access to highly detailed views of their patient’s anatomy, VetCAT is invaluable for emergency medicine, trauma, dentistry, dermatology, and oncology. Intended for use in the clinic setting, VetCAT is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to learn and use. In fact, once you have instant access to full 3D images when you want them, you will be reaching for VetCAT more than you thought you would.


At the diagnosis stage, VetCAT enables you to determine the extent of your patient’s disease or injury during an exam and begin treatment right away.


At the planning stage, VetCAT helps you determine your optimal approach, define your surgical margins, and avoid critical structures.


During and after procedures, VetCAT provides you with updated images so you can assess the accuracy and completeness of your intervention.

Empowering You With Data

So You Can Make a Difference

VetCAT table-side CT scans gives you immediate access to the data you need to make informed decisions. You control the timing, frequency, type, and number of scans you want. Instant access to the types of images you need when you want them gives you peace of mind that you are providing your patient with evidence-driven diagnoses and care.

By eliminating the need to outsource CT, you minimize delays in your patient’s diagnosis and treatment, minimize risks from multiple anesthesia, and reduce stress on your patient and their owner.

Owners will appreciate your use of advanced imaging technology. By sharing their pet’s CT scans with them, they will better understand their pet’s condition and feel confident in authorizing your treatment. With data from your VetCAT CT and expedited owner authorization, you can move from diagnosis to treatment right away.

CT Scanning is Easy with VetCAT

Roll, Click and View

With its compact size and zero-turn capability, VetCAT clears standard doorways, accommodates tight spaces, and is easy to access when you need it and store it away when you don’t. To use VetCAT, you simply roll the scanner up to your patient’s table, follow a few simple steps, and you get 20 second ultra-low radiation dose CT. Your scan will appear on the built-in monitor, where you can examine your region of interest in a 3D volume rendering or by 3D cross-section.

Assess, Treat and Report

Use your computer mouse to zoom, pan, rotate and scroll through the scan to explore your region of interest and capture your optimum views. You can use the annotation tool to point out and note your findings. Your scans are automatically saved to the cloud, so you can view your scans on the VetCAT monitor or access and share your scans remotely with an internet connection. You can also print screen shots, save copies of full CT scans on flash drives or CDs and export scan files to your office computer where you can import images to Word or PDF.

Used in Animal Healthcare Centers Just Like Yours

VetCAT in the Field
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How VetCAT has impacted his practice.

A View from The Clinics

Strengthen Your Veterinary Business

Stay ahead of the curve

Make your practice more complete with state-of-the art veterinary cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging with VetCAT. With advanced CT imaging in your clinic, you can apply your expertise to handle more complex clinical pathology, expand your treatment capabilities, and increase referrals. You can market your CT scanning services and attract more clients, talented employees and business partners.

Improve workflow efficiency
VetCAT customers tell us that their scanner paid for itself with charges for scans and additional procedures made possible with VetCAT. If you can see yourself doing more than ten 3D X-rays per month, VetCAT will quickly become a profit center for your practice.
Keep scanning revenue in your practice
VetCAT enables you to diagnose your patients during exams, avoiding delays caused by sending your patients elsewhere for CT. And VetCAT integrates seamlessly with examination and procedure protocols. It’s as fast and easy to use as a 2D X-ray system, but better, since the VetCAT scanner rolls directly up to your patient’s table for CT scans on demand. Scans take only 20 seconds and images are available for immediate review on the VetCAT scanner itself or on your own computer via XoranConnect®, which automatically saves your CT files in the cloud.

World-Class Customer Service and Support

Train and Scan on Your First Day

VetCAT is so simple you can train in the morning and scan in the afternoon. Our top priority is ensuring that you are confident and successful in using your VetCAT. We will be there for you to provide you with on-site, hands-on training when we install your VetCAT, and we will be there for you for any additional training or support you may want for the lifetime of your scanner.

Talk to your VetCAT team

All our VetCAT customers are backed by our dedicated team of Service Engineers who are full-time CT experts. You will know your Service Engineer by name. He will personally deliver, install, and train you and your staff on your new VetCAT.

With our warranty and service plan, you get:

  • Unlimited onsite service
  • Unlimited remote diagnostics and support
  • Unlimited software upgrades
  • Unlimited support of XoranConnect web image storage and remote access
  • Annual preventive maintenance

Our customers trust us to be there when they need us, and we are. We stand by our products and we stand by our customers. We do not outsource. We manufacture, we assemble, we train, we support.


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World-Class Customer Service and Support

Supporting Veterinarians & Improving Companion Animal Care

We are passionate about supporting veterinarians by providing solutions-based products that improve patient outcomes while lowering costs.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals by equipping veterinarians with the same advanced imaging and IT technology used in human medicine.

You’re in good company with us at Xoran Technologies, the makers of VetCAT – we are animal lovers just like you. We consider our pets as members of our family and include them in our workspace.

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