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Xoran and the IAC are your teammates in providing quality patient care. We’ve got your back—for 15 years Xoran’s team of experts have assisted hundreds of practices with the IAC accreditation process. Let us help you with your application!

We’ve got your back

With over 300 IAC CT accredited practices in ENT and Allergy, Xoran has developed a seamless accreditation program supported by the industry’s leading experts. Out of all IAC Accredited facilities under the Sinus and Temporal Bone application, nearly 75% are Xoran MiniCAT customers. We offer several events and services to our MiniCAT customers to facilitate the completion of the IAC CT accreditation application.



Xoran’s Accreditation Team is by your side providing expert guidance through the accreditation process! Receive one-on-one support and have your questions answered in real-time. Our expertise makes the IAC application process seamless. Assistance from our consultants is included with the purchase of a MiniCAT. Contact us to learn more today!


Over 75% of IAC-CT facilities accredited in Sinus and Temporal Bone are MiniCAT customers.

KSS Picture 02.03.23
Ken Schreiner
Colorado West Otolaryngologists
Practice Administrator

“I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the expert guidance Xoran provided throughout the IAC accreditation process. When I was under pressure, your team’s patience alleviated my frustration and kept me focused on the issues at hand. Thank you!”

Brenda Duran
Cross Timbers Ear, Nose and Throat
Practice Administrator

“Xoran has been such a big help in Cross Timbers getting their accreditation back. It lapsed and I was brought on not knowing much about the process. Anna has gone out of her way to help me and make this a seamless process. She has given us needed materials to get everything up to date and I enjoyed working with her.”

Angela Chambers
Angela Chambers
Biltmore ENT, Facial Plastics & Allergy
RN, MBA Administrator

“I wanted to reach out and let you know what an excellent job Anna French provided to Biltmore ENT, Facial Plastics & Allergy LLC, in re-certification of our CT units. She was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in getting us on point with all the requirements. She is an excellent communicator and was able to share her knowledge of the process to our team who really learned so much about what to expect going forward. Oftentimes management doesn’t hear the good things going well with their team, so I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know you have a real shining star with Anna. We passed our certification with flying colors, thanks to her. Our team would like to say thank you for a job well done.”

ENT Doctor
Sanjay Athavale
ENT of Georgia

“It was such a breeze implementing CT during these shut-downs—we aren’t as busy, and so getting set up with CT and getting our IAC application submitted was a breeze with Xoran. I would absolutely recommend that ENT practices consider MiniCAT as a way to bring back patients as they are re-opening their practices. Xoran’s preferred financing partners, Highland Capital, offer deferred payments—this option was very attractive for my practice because there was no initial cost outlay when I purchased my MiniCAT.”

Kim Parker_sm
Kimberly Parker
Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of Florida
FACMPE, Executive Practice Administrator

“Our IAC consultation with Xoran was a breeze. We went from on-site pre-submission status to final submission within 24 hours of completing the on-site IAC consultation services. Thank you so much for your help and assistance. We are very pleased with how easy the process was.”

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