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Xoran-only financing is available through our preferred partners—
3.99% interest, with 10%/mo. step-up payments for 1-6 months*
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MINICAT FINANCING Xoran-only financing is available through our preferred partners—
3.99% interest, with 10%/mo. step-up payments for 1-6 months*

Need Sinus CT?

Xoran Technologies’ latest in-office, CBCT scanner is the MiniCAT 2020—a small, economical, low-dose, streamlined, medical device specialized to assist ENT and Allergy physicians in diagnosing sinus disease. 

In designing MiniCAT 2020, Xoran relied on feedback from its physician customers to develop a low-cost sinus CT system with the optional benefit of Xoran Service, which includes a Comprehensive Service Plan for the life of the system.

Larger than Life.

At 20 cm x 14 cm, the MiniCAT 2020 field-of-view is a revolution. Don’t fall for competitor’s statements about FOV, Xoran has your back—we know ENT and Allergy. Xoran’s FOV is 41% larger than the competitor’s claims of “Largest FOV.”

sinus-optimized CT.

Scan times range from 10-30 seconds and include protocols for pediatric patients. A high resolution, digitally versatile CT image is then immediately available on the computer monitor.

The scanner creates CT slices as thin as 0.2 mm, with instant views of hundreds of image planes. This isotropic resolution and full range of data provides physicians the information they need to diagnose and treat patients.

Small Clinic

Solo Practice

Satellite Office

sinus-optimized CT



Accreditation Support

With over 250 IAC CT accredited MiniCAT practices in ENT and Allergy, Xoran has developed a seamless accreditation program supported by the industry’s leading experts.

Nearly 75% of all IAC Accredited facilities under the Sinus and Temporal Bone application are Xoran MiniCAT customers.

We offer several events and services to our MiniCAT customers to facilitate the completion of the IAC CT accreditation application.



Implementing MiniCAT into your practice can save patients 1-2 office visits and weeks of waiting. Stop referring patients out of your office.

Lower radiation is better

While Computed Tomography (CT) scans are often necessary for diagnosis, all CT systems use X-rays, which expose patients to ionizing radiation. Xoran understands the importance of keeping radiation dose low. In designing its CT systems, Xoran follows the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, which means that Xoran minimizes radiation dose as much as possible without compromising image quality.

Sources at xorantech.com/RadiationDose


We recommend that you use MiniCAT 2020 in a room that is at least 6′ x 9′ or larger. This size will give you and your patients a little more elbow room, and may minimize or even eliminate the amount of radiation shielding needed. Weighing in at only 450 lbs., MiniCAT 2020 installation is quick and efficient, without the need for additional floor reinforcement or room modification.

The MiniCAT 2020 scanner emits very low radiation, and most facilities require minimal shielding to comply with State regulations. Any required shielding is typically included with your purchase. Xoran works with certified medical physicists to ensure that your scanner is safe for patients and staff, and meets all the requirements of your State’s radiation protection agency. Click for available Shielding Products

MiniCAT 2020 was designed to be easy to use enabling physicians and imaging technicians to be trained in order to operate the scanner. Specific state laws govern who may operate CT scanners. Your Xoran Sales Manager will help you determine who may operate the MiniCAT scanner in your state.

MiniCAT 2020 scan protocols range from approximately 1/5th to 1/20th of the radiation dose received compared to a conventional sinus CT.

The acquisition time ranges from 10-20 seconds, and the reconstruction time is less than 30 seconds.

Sample Images

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