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Point-of-care CBCT designed for ENT 

Revolutionize how you diagnose and treat patients.

Take control of your patient’s journey from start to finish. With the in-office capabilities of MiniCAT 2020, you can bring diagnostic imaging directly to your patients, reducing wait times, and providing immediate results. MiniCAT 2020 sinus optimized CT is your secret weapon for enhanced patient care. With real-time imaging at your fingertips, you can streamline your workflow and provide top-notch treatment. From fast and accurate diagnoses to improved patient retention, MiniCAT 2020 is your ticket to success.

Solo Practice

Small Clinic

Satellite Office

Sinus-Optimized CT


Low-Dose Radiation

Efficiency and patient satisfaction in one solution.


Streamlined and convenient, in-office imaging helps to ensure your patients receive the best care while improving compliance.


Real-time access to 3D images enables you to expedite diagnosis and treatment— optimizing patient outcomes like never before.


Embrace in-office imaging and reap the financial rewards. By offering this valuable service, you enhance patient care and increase revenue streams.

Streamline Your Patient Care Workflow

Implementing MiniCAT into your practice can save patients 1-2 office visits and weeks of waiting.

Sinus-Optimized CT Designed for ENT.


Xoran has partnered with ENT physicians for over 20 years. We understand what’s important to your practice. With a field-of-view at 20cm x 14cm, MiniCAT 2020 delivers the largest field-of-view—41% larger than the competition.​

MiniCAT 2020 creates CT slices as thin as 0.2 mm, with instant views of hundreds of image planes. Scan times range 10-30 seconds and include protocols for pediatric patients. A high resolution, digitally versatile CT image is immediately available to review. This isotropic resolution and full range of data provides you the information you need to diagnose and treat patients efficiently and effectively.

Xoran understands the importance of keeping radiation dose low. In designing its CT systems, Xoran follows the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, which means that Xoran minimizes radiation dose as much as possible without compromising image quality. Sources at

ENT Doctor
Glen J. Mesaros

“The MiniCAT scanner is a life saver. We didn’t expect to use it as much as we do, but now it’s a vital diagnostic tool for each of our ENT surgeons. It pays for itself—a week of use pays for a month.”

Jeffrey Dudley_Sacremento ENT
Jeffrey Dudley
Sacramento Ear Nose and Throat

“Back in 2004, we purchased the very first MiniCAT. That was one of the best decisions we have made! Now we have 4 MiniCATs in our practice. Doctors can almost instantly get a scan to assist in the diagnosis of their patients. They have the ability to call up the scans in the exam room and can show patients a high quality/resolution image of the sinuses or temporal bone and explain what is going on. Having these units definitely has a positive impact on patient care as well as the bottom line.”

ENT Doctor
Sanjay Athavale
ENT of Georgia

“I love the MiniCAT scanner! The images are beautiful. I have worked with the MiniCAT before and it is the best—better than CT’s at the hospital.”

Henry Fishman
Fishman Allergy and Asthma, Washington, DC

“There is nothing mini about Xoran or the MiniCAT. It is a great company and great machine that provides maximum information and quality and will change how you practice, for the better.”

We’ve got your back.

Customer service and commitment to our customers has been the driving force behind our brand. We strive to get it right first time, every time. Here at Xoran, we’re reinventing our service model and redefining what it means to truly support our customers. We want our customers’ experience to be rewarding, informative, and valuable. By building a culture that unifies all teams towards the common goal to provide exceptional customer support, we can make well-informed, customer-first decisions.

We are committed to being your trusted advisors, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to provide exceptional patient care.

Certified OEM Service

Experience the peace of mind that comes from partnering with the experts. As the original equipment manufacturer, we’re more than just a service provider. Xoran brings unparalleled expertise to your CT system maintenance.

IAC Accreditation

Xoran’s experience makes the IAC accreditation process seamless. Our dedicated team provides one-on-one support and expert guidance in real-time. You’re success if our priority, we’re by your side every step of the way.


View your CT scans anywhere. XoranConnect is a powerful tool that gives you remote access to share and review scans via secure, HIPAA compliant cloud-based storage and backup. Rely on XoranConnect to collaborate with colleagues and educate patients.


We recommend that you use MiniCAT 2020 in a room that is at least 6′ x 9′ or larger. This size will give you and your patients a little more elbow room, and may minimize or even eliminate the amount of radiation shielding needed. Weighing in at only 450 lbs., MiniCAT 2020 installation is quick and efficient, without the need for additional floor reinforcement or room modification.

The MiniCAT 2020 scanner emits very low radiation, and most facilities require minimal shielding to comply with State regulations. Any required shielding is typically included with your purchase. Xoran works with certified medical physicists to ensure that your scanner is safe for patients and staff, and meets all the requirements of your State’s radiation protection agency. Click for available Shielding Products

MiniCAT 2020 was designed to be easy to use enabling physicians and imaging technicians to be trained in order to operate the scanner. Specific state laws govern who may operate CT scanners. Your Xoran Sales Manager will help you determine who may operate the MiniCAT scanner in your state.

MiniCAT 2020 scan protocols range from approximately 1/5th to 1/20th of the radiation dose received compared to a conventional sinus CT.

The acquisition time ranges from 10-20 seconds, and the reconstruction time is less than 30 seconds.

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