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MiniCAT IQ Offers Superior Image Quality

Customer Spotlight

“As a Xoran customer for 15 years, MiniCAT has become an integral part of my otolaryngological clinical practice. With my new MiniCAT IQ, I’m able both to visualize the sinuses and temporal bone in ultra-high resolution in record time, while still having the dedicated low-dose 10-second screening sinus protocol that has become the hallmark of my ability to track disease progression in my patients.”

– Shawn Nasseri, MD

Image is everything.

MiniCAT IQ is a point-of-care CT that offers high-definition images optimized for sinus, ear, and skull base. What can you do with superior image quality in your office?

  • View scans in under a minute
  • Specialized protocols for ENT and Allergy
  • Industry-best resolution down to 70 microns

Limited-Time Offer!

During the month of December you’ll receive a special gift with the purchase of a MiniCAT IQ. We’ve partnered with Euka to offer you their best-selling wellness trial kit— a Wellness Bento Box. Contact us to purchase your MiniCAT IQ and receive this free gift.

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