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World Allergy Awareness

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Address the Growing Demand to Treat Sinus Disease and Seasonal Allergies 

World Allergy Week is an annual initiative of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) to raise awareness of allergic diseases and advocate for an integrated approach to addressing the needs of patients who suffer from seasonal allergies, sinus disease, and asthma. MiniCAT in-office CT imaging offers a valuable solution to help you accurately diagnose and efficiently treatment plan.

This year, the WAO is focusing on how to manage these diseases amidst environmental changes. Johns Hopkins Medicine experts and collaborators across the U.S. emphasize that climate change — particularly global warming — is contributing to an increase in the rates and the severity of nasal and sinus diseases, such as seasonal allergies. Rising and prolonged levels of humidity, increased levels of allergens (such as pollen), and delayed or early onset of seasons are contributing to a rising number of cases of allergic and nonallergic nasal and sinus diseases. The authors caution that health disparities among racial groups will widen gaps in health care access and exacerbate severity of these conditions.

With MiniCAT in-office CT you can increase accessibility to treatment by providing point-of-care sinus imaging that improves diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. We know you’re devoted to providing the best patient care. Talk to us about adding in-office imaging to ensure your practice meets the growing need for sinus disease treatment.

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