MiniCAT IQ is an in-office, compact, upright, CT system designed for ultra, high-resolution imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones, and skull base, with specification-shattering resolution down to 70 microns.

xCAT is an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner that provides real-time CT scans of sinuses, ears, and the skull base.

xCAT IQ is an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner specifically designed for the neurosurgical suite and neuro ICU, providing real-time CT scans of the brain, sinuses, ears, and skull base.

LuminX Digital Radiography employs Xoran’s X-ray expertise with a suite of systems for radiology departments and office-based practices.


MiniCAT 2020 is a small, point-of-care, low-dose, CT scanner optimized for sinus. Now with larger-than-life 20 cm x 14 cm field-of-view.


VetCAT leverages Xoran’s advanced CT scanning technology used in medical clinics for veterinary offices.

XoranConnect gives you remote access to Xoran scans via secure, HIPAA compliant cloud storage and backup.

Xoran’s Accreditation Assistance will help you with first-time full accreditation support, full re-accreditation support, on-site accreditation, and audit review or preparation.

Xoran is driven to provide advanced technology

Xoran is driven to provide advanced technology that supports better patient outcomes while lowering costs within any global healthcare system. We pride ourselves in delivering world-class customer service and view all our customers as partners in the cause for enhancing the lives of the patients we serve. Thank you for touring our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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