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Patient Care Workflow with Point-of-care CT and Telemedicine

Patient Care Workflow with
Point-of-care CT and Telemedicine

Improving your ENT practice workflow… with MiniCAT.

Implementing MiniCAT into your practice can save patients 1-2 office visits and weeks of waiting.

Improving your practice workflow with MiniCAT …
… reduces the backlog for seeing new patients, because patients are seen and treated more quickly
… gets surgeons back to doing what they were meant to do, because they have more time for in-office procedures
… increases practice revenue, because procedures are reimbursed higher than follow-up visits
… speeds billing and payment cycles, because time-to-procedure no longer takes months

Back-to-clinic Tips

How are ENT and Allergy practices around the country opening up? Within the next month, 44% of ENT practices will resume in-office procedures and 34% plan to use their point-of-care CT.*

Providers returning to work face challenges in offering safe and comprehensive patient visits. Offering CT at the ENT practice is a built-in “minimal-contact” diagnostic tool, and it keeps the patient from having to get scanned at a hospital.

Standing behind a Xoran protective barrier, MiniCAT operators are safe and socially distanced—protecting patients, too! Implementing point-of-care CT can improve the patient experience.

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