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Xoran Technologies Offers Truly Mobile CBCT for Use in the ICU and OR, and Demonstrates SinusAI™, an Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Interface*

An innovator and medical market leader in point-of-care cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), Xoran Technologies’ xCAT IQ™ is a truly mobile imaging system specifically designed for the intensive care unit and operating room.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company’s flagship product, MiniCAT™, has been installed in more than 750 medical facilities throughout the United States since the company’s founding in 2001.

Attendees at RSNA can stop by Booth #8003 to wheel around the xCAT IQ and stay for a demonstration of SinusAI — Xoran’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology within the XoranConnect™ platform.*

xCAT IQ — Truly Mobile CBCT at the Patient’s Point-of-Care

The xCAT IQ was designed specifically for the intensive care unit and the operating room in hospitals. Because the xCAT IQ is highly maneuverable in tight spaces and easy-to-use, patients can be scanned directly at their point-of-care and would not have to be transported out of surgery or recovery to a remotely located radiology suite for an often-necessary CT scan.

“The xCAT IQ is very nimble,” Xoran’s CEO Misha Rakic says. “Additionally, the great image quality, combined with a radiation dose that is one-quarter to one-half of the radiation dose for a similar procedure, makes xCAT IQ an affordable solution.”

With its small size, the xCAT IQ can fit into existing neuro operating rooms and provide surgeons with a real-time update on changes in the patient’s anatomy. Because xCAT IQ provides soft and hard tissue imaging, it can also be used to assist in surgical completeness during cranio-maxillo-facial cases, potentially improving outcomes.

“The benefits to stroke and traumatic brain injury patients cannot be overstated,” says Rakic. “Access to a low-dose, affordable yet incredibly nimble, imaging system means that patients can be treated more quickly, more accurately, and more comfortably.”

XoranConnect and SinusAI

The innovation at Xoran continues. RSNA attendees can see a demonstration of AI algorithms within XoranConnect using SinusAI* at Booth #8003. XoranConnect is a PACS system and repository of millions of sinus scans, providing access to real-time AI interpretation, potentially improving patient outcomes.

XoranConnect was built to be a platform of the future, thereby allowing Xoran to respond to emerging technologies and trends within the healthcare community.

“It allows us to implement artificial intelligence algorithms that will help provide high-level diagnostic-assist tools in areas where they’re typically not available,” Rakic says.

In the future, early stroke detection, both in the emergency room and through telemedicine in rural, suburban, and urban areas — aided by artificial intelligence — may allow for improved outcomes and reduced hospital stays.

* Artificial intelligence algorithms powered by InformAI. AI technologies within XoranConnect are not for sale in the U.S. until 510k cleared.

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