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Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Real-Time Evolution Using xCAT IQ

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“Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Real-Time Evolution as Visualized Using Xoran’s Truly Mobile xCAT IQ” – Guest Speaker: William B. Gormley, MD, MPH, MBA, Neurosurgeon

On July 9th, 2020, Dr. Gormley was guest speaker at our Xoran webinar. He led a session on the natural evolution of an intracerebral hemorrhage as visualized in real-time with Xoran’s truly mobile xCAT IQ CT scanner. In addition, he reviewed both the errant and correct placement of an external ventricular drain (EVD) in the setting of treating hydrocephalus associated with intracerebral hemorrhage. Click below to watch the recorded webinar.

“The xCAT is truly unique in the sense that it has really high-quality imaging in a form factor that is unparalleled. The other mobile scanners just can’t move in and out of the ICU setting or operating room setting as nimbly as it can. That combined with the high-quality images you get from the xCAT really make it stand out in this space.”

– William B. Gormley, MD, MPH, MBA


“Ventriculostomy-Associated Hemorrhage: A Risk Assessment by Radiographic Simulation”

Co-authored by Dr. Gormley

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