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At Xoran, we take pride in the quality and efficiency of our products and customer service. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say!


Testimonials about Xoran’s products and services

Craig Williamson
Interview, Ann Arbor, MI, 2018
MD, Neurologist

“The portable scanner does have the advantage of faster acquisition time, because there is not that transport involved. So when there is an acute neurological change, and we want to know why, and when we suspect that it’s due to the most common things that we see—new intracranial hemorrhage, new and worsening midline shift due to cerebral edema, new hydrocephalus—things that are relatively, readily visible on a CT scan, that’s when we would use a portable CT scanner such as xCAT IQ.”

Jeffrey Dudley_Sacremento ENT
Jeffrey Dudley
Sacramento Ear Nose and Throat

“Back in 2004, we purchased the very first MiniCAT. That was one of the best decisions we have made! Now we have 4 MiniCATs in our practice. Doctors can almost instantly get a scan to assist in the diagnosis of their patients. They have the ability to call up the scans in the exam room and can show patients a high quality/resolution image of the sinuses or temporal bone and explain what is going on. Having these units definitely has a positive impact on patient care as well as the bottom line.”

Brenda Duran
Cross Timbers Ear, Nose and Throat
Practice Administrator

“Xoran has been such a big help in Cross Timbers getting their accreditation back. It lapsed and I was brought on not knowing much about the process. Anna has gone out of her way to help me and make this a seamless process. She has given us needed materials to get everything up to date and I enjoyed working with her.”

Nikki Wade
Aspire Allergy & Sinus

“When I pick up the phone to call Xoran’s Customer Service 800 number, I get a person every time. If we are having an issue, Xoran is always ready to remotely log in to my system to help me, including when I need to train up a new staff member. This peace of mind is priceless.”

ENT Doctor
Sanjay Athavale
ENT of Georgia

“It was such a breeze implementing CT during these shut-downs—we aren’t as busy, and so getting set up with CT and getting our IAC application submitted was a breeze with Xoran. I would absolutely recommend that ENT practices consider MiniCAT as a way to bring back patients as they are re-opening their practices. Xoran’s preferred financing partners, Highland Capital, offer deferred payments—this option was very attractive for my practice because there was no initial cost outlay when I purchased my MiniCAT.”

Henry Fishman
Fishman Allergy and Asthma, Washington, DC

“There is nothing mini about Xoran or the MiniCAT. It is a great company and great machine that provides maximum information and quality and will change how you practice, for the better.”

Andrea Williams_ENT_Audiology Associate of the Carolinas
Andrea Williams
ENT & Audiology Associate of the Carolinas
Owner, MD

“As a single-physician private practice surgeon, having a MiniCAT at each of the locations where I practice has been an invaluable addition. I’m able to perform the scan on my patients and have the images available immediately—allowing me to see, scan, and diagnose my patients in a single office visit. This quick turn-around means that my patients are more likely to comply with their treatment plan. In this way, my practice has grown, my procedure volume has grown, and my patients get the sinus relief they need more quickly with less hassle.”

Kristin Myers
MiniCAT Operator Mississippi ENT

“Before the MiniCAT, it would be 7-10 days before we had results.”

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