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Xoran Television Network LLC (XTVN) Installation Agreement


As an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician practice, I understand that I am eligible to receive a Private Television Channel (PTC) from XTVN.  I understand the required network equipment, installation of equipment, and the XTVN PTC service is being supplied to me at no cost. Therefore, I agree to the following conditions and terms of use:

  1. Provide at least one High Definition (HD) Television screens in my practice. The HDTV screens shall have at least one HDMI input available for XTVN PTC connection.
  2. Provide 24×7 Internet access to the XTVN Controller(s) and allow XTVN to utilize my broadband connection to deliver and manage XTVN PTC Programming (which is typically downloaded during non–office hours).
  3. Provide 24×7 electrical power to each PTC Controller and HD screens.
  4. Preferred locations for installed televisions shall be in the operatories, examination rooms, and lobbies where patient use is most common.
  5. Promptly report any problems with the operation of the XTVN PTC service and reasonably protect the XTVN equipment and service from vandalism, tampering, theft, fire, infringement, and any other hazard.
  6. Operate XTVN PTC service in my practice for a minimum period of one year. The service will be continued to be delivered unless otherwise notified to be discontinued. If I decide to discontinue the XTVN PTC service, then I will notify XTVN. XTVN will send a prepaid postal box for the return of equipment.
  7. I understand that the cost of my XTVN PTC is offset by revenue from third party television commercials. I further understand that, if I have the PTC installed and later decide to remove it, then I will return any PTC equipment to Xoran as soon as reasonably possible.

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