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The 5 simple ways you can get even more value out of your MiniCAT with MiniCAT Smart Workflow 5.6 SOFTWARE 


1. Streamline office visits with no downtime between scans
Armed with feedback from our MiniCAT customers, Xoran’s engineers designed a way to make your MiniCAT through-flow even more efficient – with safe and effective protocols that enable multiple patient scans with no downtime between scans in most cases.

2. Correlate MiniCAT scans with billing records
Xoran’s “Patient Report” enables you to correlate your patient scan reports with their billing records, so you can be sure that you are capturing a full and accurate record of billable services for each patient.

3. Budget and track the use of MiniCAT by physician name and protocol
With Xoran’s easy data tracker, you can see who is ordering what scan, when, and why with a simple click.

By tracking usage patterns this way, you can easily identify and amplify efficiencies and make course-corrections in inefficiencies in real-time.

4. Make moms happy with Cumulative Dose Reports
With our “Cumulative Dose Report,” you can track radiation dose by patient name.

This report tool helps with IAC accreditation, and it keeps patients happy and healthy. (Especially our favorite patient advocate: Mom!)

5. Get a friendly assist with MiniCAT’s auto-detection of foreign objects in the field-of-view
Missed your morning coffee, and accidentally left the head holder in the field-of-view during your morning calibration?

We give you a tip of the hat for getting up so early, and MiniCAT gives you an assist with a Field-of-View Auto-Detector in most MiniCAT configurations that alerts you if there are foreign objects left in the field-of-view before you start scanning.

There you have it! We have 5 simple ways to get even more value from MiniCAT. You can do all these things and more with Xoran MiniCAT Smart Workflow 5.6 Software.

MiniCAT Smart Workflow 5.6 SOFTWARE is included in all MiniCATs installed after April 2017 and is free of charge to all Xoran customers with Comprehensive Service Plans.

For information on how to upgrade to Xoran’s Comprehensive Service Plan or buy Xoran’s Smart Workflow package, call us today!


Laura Dennis
Director of Sales & Marketing
(800) 70-XORAN

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