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vTRON Imaging is the Future of Diagnostic Animal Care 

vTRON Imaging is the Future of Diagnostic Animal Care  

Xoran’s vTRON is a compact, portable CT scanner that provides Veterinarians with instant, on-demand 3D images at their patients’ point-of-care.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the comprehensive diagnostic features of the vTRON that can help elevate your veterinary practice to the next level of care.

What vTRON CT scans can reveal.

The vTRON is a significant upgrade from 2D radiographs and ultrasound diagnostics. With a 20-second vTRON scan, veterinarians get instant access to fully 3D images of their patient’s anatomy and pathology from infinite angles. Being able to view and measure anatomical regions of interest enables more precise diagnoses and planning, for minimally invasive approaches and procedures. Having this valuable diagnostic data in advance prevents unexpected delays and surprises and streamlines workflow.


vTRON scans are immensely valuable for examining cranial structures, including the skull, sinuses, ears, and teeth.  vTRON’s high definition 3D images are particularly helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontic, chronic respiratory, and ear diseases, including the ability to identify and measure lesions, polyps, and infections.
Detroit Zoofix
abdominal scan


Using vTRON, veterinarians can examine and measure masses and irregularities within the abdomen, enabling advanced diagnoses and treatment planning, as well as aiding in surgical preparation.


The vTRON is also beneficial in orthopedic evaluations, especially for animals suffering from joint or bone ailments. It offers precise images of bone structures, facilitating the diagnosis of conditions such as hip dysplasia or fractures. The detailed information provided by vTRON also assists in strategizing orthopedic surgeries or treatments.


In cases of trauma, vTRON enables veterinarians to swiftly evaluate internal injuries for expedited stabilization and treatment.


The total scan time takes less than a minute and  images are available immediately to review.
In the ever-evolving world of veterinary medicine, the vTRON represent a significant stride forward. It allows you to detect issues early, plan surgeries with confidence, and tailor treatments to each pet’s unique needs. This improves the quality of care provided and enhances the bond of trust between veterinarians, pets, and their owners.
Curious how Xoran’s point-of-care CT can support your veterinary clinic? Check out vTRON to learn more!

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