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Press Release – Xoran Veterinary – Introducing vTRON

Introducing vTRON™— Revolutionary Open-Design Bore Veterinary CT by Xoran Technologies

ANN ARBOR, MI, April 8, 2021–Xoran Technologies® ushers in a revolutionary imaging solution specifically designed for veterinary hospitals and general practice clinics. The truly mobile 3D computed tomography (CT) system—vTRON™—requires no dedicated room and with an open-design bore of over 31 inches, easily accommodates companion animals.

“Two-dimensional X-ray has been used for decades, but 3D imaging with Xoran’s vTRON will change the way veterinarians are able to care for their patients,” states Xoran President David Sarment, DDS. “In fact, we are finding that vTRON allows clinicians to see things they would otherwise miss with 2D—hidden pathology can be now seen and treated.”

vTRON, available for pre-order, comes at a time when veterinarians are facing exciting changes in the companion animal market. The pandemic has caused higher rates of pet ownership, and there is evidence of increased spending on pet care, and longer pet life span. These forces mean that veterinarians need advanced tools to visualize, diagnose, and treat patients.


The vTRON is designed to specifically meet these evolving needs. It rolls easily into place, eliminating the need for additional or prolonged anesthesia. The radiographs are taken in just 20-seconds, and the 3D images are available right afterward—meaning clinicians can make immediate diagnostic and treatment decisions.

What’s more, with Xoran’s advanced software and the cloud-based capability of XoranConnect®, showing images to referring veterinarians, surgeons, and animal companions has never been easier.

“Now that we have CT in-house, we use it for patients that we didn’t even anticipate needing it, once we have our hands on them,” says Dr. Ann Duncan, Director of Animal Health at the Detroit Zoo. “Some of these animals are examined every couple of years, and we’ve been incorporating CT into a lot of routine and diagnostic exams and we’re finding things that we didn’t even expect.”

Designed with Affordability in Mind

Xoran’s vTRON joins VetCAT, a 3D imaging system for heads that has been installed throughout the United States and Europe, primarily in the clinics of dental specialists who value its super high image resolution, down to an industry-best of 70 microns (0.07 mm).

With a two-decade track record of CT imaging, Xoran understands the imaging needs and practical considerations of clinics. Because both vTRON and VetCAT provide so much more information—quickly and easily—facilities can charge reasonable prices and see a considerable return-on-investment, while also providing advanced animal care.

About Xoran Technologies

Since 2001 Xoran is the pioneer and market leader in low-dose radiation, cone beam CT systems specifically designed for the patient’s point-of-care. Providers around the world rely on our industry-leading MiniCAT™, xCAT™, VetCAT and vTRON systems to diagnose and treat patients.

Xoran is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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