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New for 2018! Xoran offers Reaccreditation Consultation Services

Are you up for reaccreditation with the IAC in 2018? Xoran suggests getting started as early as 6 months before your current accreditation expires.

Not sure where to start? Call Xoran!

Xoran’s Reaccreditation Consultation Service—$1,800 for one device or site

With our Reaccreditation Consultation Service, a qualified Xoran IAC expert will help you with your reaccreditation application, including:

Help with setting up your application

Overview of requirements

Review of All Final Reports
The IAC is now following stricter guidelines for many of their requirements. Let Xoran help by reviewing your final reports to ensure you have included the necessary language.

Review of All Case Studies
Xoran IAC experts will also perform a Final Review of your case studies and scan parameter forms prior to submission.

Have multiple locations? Add additional locations to this Reaccreditation Consultation Service for $600 per location.

Is this your first time walking your practice through the reaccreditation process? For an additional $200 fee, a Xoran IAC expert will compete a review of your entire Reaccreditation Application.

Early Bird Discount! Even if your reaccreditation isn’t due until the end of the year, you can get a head start on your application and receive a significant discount off of Xoran’s consultation services!

Email today and get signed up for Xoran’s Reaccreditation Consultation Services, and receive 30% off your entire purchase!


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