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Recent article weighs cost-effectiveness of iCT with CI planning

Cost-effectiveness of intraoperative CT within the surgical setting for cochlear implants

“As a first step, we have shown preliminary data that intraoperative CT scanning has resulted, over time, in surgeons becoming better at achieving perimodiolar positioning which is known to be associated with better audiological outcomes.”

— Robert F. Labadie, M.D., Ph.D,
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Vanderbilt University

Designed for intraoperative surgery

Visualize your target intraoperatively—down to 70 microns with Zoom ROI tool

Avoid lengthening procedures—xCAT XL scans take less than one minute and images are available right away

Conclusion and significance: The current stand of care for CI is to insert EAs without feedback as to final location. iCT provides surgeons with rapid post-insertion feedback which allows detection and correction of suboptimally placed EAs as well as refinement of surgical technique.”

— Robert F. Labadie, MD, Ph.D, et al. 1

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