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Press Release: Xoran Announces New Patent for Modular Computed Tomography System Assembly

Xoran Announces New Patent for Modular Computed Tomography System Assembly

ANN ARBOR, MI, June 8, 2022–Xoran Technologies has recently received a patent for a modular computed tomography (CT) system assembly. 

“This revolutionary cone beam CT configuration paired with our twenty-and-counting current patents unlocks new capabilities. The technology is just the beginning of a new generation of Xoran’s point-of-care (POC) imaging devices,” explains Misha Rakic, Xoran CEO. “In the future, this advancement means that ultra-compact CT can fit into existing ambulances for early stroke detection without the need for a dedicated mobile stroke unit. It can be used by first responders in front-line and natural disaster scenarios as well as by military on the battlefield. The possibilities for highly deployable head CT are virtually limitless.” 

Over 795,000 individuals suffer from strokes each year in the U.S. alone. When an individual is suffering from acute stroke, time is of the essence; however, it is critically important to assess the type of stroke as well as the amount and location of potentially recoverable brain tissue to determine the appropriate treatment routing and priority to achieve the best outcome for that individual.  

Xoran Technologies has patented and prototyped a novel, highly compact cranial CT device, which could in the future enable cerebral perfusion studies to be performed in a wider range of clinical settings, to service more patients—rapidly and at the POC after the onset of stroke symptoms. 

About Xoran Technologies  

Since 2001, Xoran is the pioneer and medical market leader in low-dose radiation, cone beam CT systems specifically designed for the patient’s point-of-care. Providers around the world rely on our industry leading MiniCAT™, xCAT™, and veterinary CT systems: VetCAT and vTRON, to diagnose and treat patients.  

Xoran is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

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