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Xoran MiniCAT 2020 and Fiagon Navigation Show Unprecedented Registration Accuracy

Xoran and Fiagon NA announce 0.5 mm registration accuracy with Fiagon Navigation when scanning with Xoran’s new MiniCAT 2020—a sinus-optimized scanner with larger-than-life FOV,
20 cm x 14 cm.

Think you have enough registration accuracy? Ask your CT vendor and IGS partner how their registration accuracy compares.

Since Xoran’s beginning in 2001, Xoran has been compatible with the newer versions of all the major surgical navigation systems. It’s the power of True DICOM and True Xoran: sub-millimeter Image Guided Surgery (IGS) registration accuracy with a quick, seamless DICOM push.

That’s right. Xoran and Fiagon have leveraged their long-standing relationship and success in research initiatives across multiple surgical specialties to demonstrate an unprecedented level of average accuracy—0.5 mm—with Xoran’s MiniCAT 2020 and Fiagon Navigation.

Late last month, Fiagon NA Corporation and Entellus Medical, Inc., now a part of Stryker, announced that they have renewed their agreement, allowing Entellus to continue exclusively distributing Fiagon-branded Navigation Systems and accessories in the United States for ear, nose, and throat applications to hospitals, offices, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Xoran, Fiagon, and Entellus/Stryker understand the needs of ENT and Allergy physicians. MiniCAT 2020 CT scan images taken directly at the patient’s point-of-care, combined with a Fiagon IGS, are a perfect fit for the busy and exacting ENT surgical practice.

Xoran’s long-standing strategic partnerships with both Fiagon and Entellus/Stryker mean that ENT surgeons can rest assured that we are constantly striving to improve the well-established compatibility of our products, keeping patient experience at the forefront of our minds.

Email for a copy of Xoran’s white paper, ‘Accuracy of Surgical Navigation using MiniCAT 2020 In-Office CT.’



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