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Celebrating the 500th installation of the Xoran MiniCAT!

Celebrating the 500th installation of the Xoran MiniCAT! Consistent with a mission to provide unparalleled superior care to the 70,000+ monthly patients who visit its 175 board certified physicians in 41 offices throughout New York and New Jersey, ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP (ENTA)-the largest and most comprehensive ear, nose, throat, allergy and audiology practice in the country-proudly announced that it has installed a MiniCAT™ point-of-care CT scanner in its Lake Success, NY office.  This marks the 4th such device ENTA has made available in its overall practice, and the 500th MiniCAT installation for Xoran Technologies!

The MiniCAT™ allows ENTA’s Lake Success physicians to capture state-of-the-art imaging right in their office, so a patient can come in for an initial appointment and leave with a diagnosis and course of treatment all within the same visit.

Dr. Moshe Ephrat, an otolaryngologist at ENTA’s Lake Success office, noted, “This technology is easy to use, and I can share images and essential diagnostic information in real-time, which results in a more productive and interactive doctor-patient visit”. He added, “The MiniCAT™ allows for a clear and precise explanation of the patient’s condition. Patients appreciate the convenience, immediate results and lower radiation dose.”

Dr. B. Todd Schaeffer, an otolaryngologist at ENTA’s Lake Success office, commented, “Having this advanced technology in our office is great because it allows us to perform a scan as part of a patient’s examination, instead of sending the patient off-site to a hospital or imaging center on a full-body CT scanner. Having the MiniCAT™ onsite allows us to diagnose the problem and begin the patient’s treatment plan right away, giving them faster relief from their symptoms.

“ENT and Allergy Associates has been an advocate of in-office scanning for years, and a proud Xoran customer since their first MiniCAT™ installation back in 2004,” said Rachel Gajda, Director of Marketing at Xoran Technologies. “They are an industry leader, and understand the value that our CT scanners bring to their patients. The Xoran team is excited to share this milestone with them.”

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