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Xoran and Fiagon Collaborate in the Nuero and Spine Markets

Xoran Technologies and Fiagon AG Medical Technologies have agreed to expand their existing relationship and to collaborate in the Neuro and Spine markets.

As technology-driven companies, Xoran — a leader in compact, point-of-care CT scanners, and Fiagon — a leader in easy-to-use, electromagnetic surgical navigation systems, have leveraged their agility in delivering timely innovative products that are responsive to the specialized needs of their physician customers.

At the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) meeting in New Orleans last month, Xoran introduced xCAT IQ, a truly portable compact CT scanner for the Neurosurgical suite and the ICU. Feedback from Neurosurgeons has been positive — they shared their excitement about the image quality and maneuverability of xCAT IQ, and they were particularly impressed with its ability to display CBCT images in all multi-planar projections with highly precise geometric accuracy.

The Fiagon Brain Navigation System presents a complementary match with Xoran’s xCAT IQ — it is a uniquely small, plug-and-play surgical navigation system, meticulously designed with the neurosurgeon in mind. In line with the Fiagon company philosophy, the Fiagon Brain Navigation System packs the power of navigation into a small system that optimizes workflow, thereby saving valuable OR time.

The Xoran-Fiagon Collaboration

Xoran and Fiagon have a history of successful collaboration. Last year, the companies cooperated on a research project aimed at improving surgical workflow. The seamless and automatic registration procedure described in the white paper “Optimization of Intraoperative CT with Automatically-Registered Surgical Navigation” demonstrated that using a low-dose imaging technique and an automated registration method make it possible to provide high-quality intraoperative images with submillimeter IGS accuracy at the skull base, all in just under two minutes. Contact to obtain a copy of the white paper.

Moving toward Neuro and Spine

With the announcement of the world’s most compact and maneuverable iCT (intraoperative CT) designed for neurosurgeons — xCAT IQ, Xoran is poised to expand its collaboration with Fiagon — with products that improve workflow and accuracy in the neurosurgical suite and ICU.

“As Xoran is developing various neuro-specific features that are tailored to help surgery be more efficient and effective, it makes sense for us to work with Fiagon and other top companies on new projects and products in Neuro — Cranial and Spine,” stated Xoran CEO Misha Rakic. “Xoran has a long-standing record of successful grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH), and we are looking to further our collaboration with companies who make unique products that improve patient care.”

Fiagon had similar thoughts. “Indeed, as Fiagon expands into Neuro worldwide as well as Spine, working together just makes sense as both of our companies are passionate about point-of-care solutions designed specifically for the surgeon,” explained Fiagon’s CEO Dr. Kai Desinger.

With several active collaborative projects on the horizon, Xoran and Fiagon aim to help Neuro and Spine surgeons in both the OR and the ICU improve patient care.

Trust ENT innovation leaders — Xoran and Fiagon — to take physicians further in Neuro and Spine.

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