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American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Hand-on Workshop With VetCAT IQ

VetCAT IQ Hands-on Endoscopic Diagnosis & Intervention Workshop for Ear Disease

Longtime Xoran friend, Dr. Munir Kureshi is set to host a hands-on workshop on April 22. Using VetCAT IQ, Xoran’s veterinary 3D CT, Kureshi will demonstrate how to diagnose and treat ear disease in small animals. During this sold-out American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) event, participants will:

  • Understand the role of CT imaging and interpretation.
  • Understand the detailed anatomy and otopathology in the external and middle ear of companion animals.
  • Understand equipment requirements and set-up for the endoscopic approach to the ear.
  • Review over 30 disorders encountered in the external and middle ear and how to diagnose it endoscopically.
  • Practice endoscopic trans-canal washout and delivery of medicine including transtympanic injection in cadavers.
  • Practice endoscopic assisted ventral bulla osteotomy and dissection in cadavers.
Workshop sponsored by Dental Focus, a Xoran distributor.

What can you do with VetCAT IQ?

VetCAT IQ is a table-side CT system providing you with immediate access to the data you need to make informed decisions. When you have the ability to control the timing, frequency, type, and number of scans—you gain the peace-of-mind that you are providing patients with evidence-driven diagnoses and care.

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