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Practice Spotlight: Southwest Allergy and Asthma

MiniCAT Optimizes Workflow

Practice Spotlight: Southwest Allergy and Asthma

“Southwest Allergy and Asthma has multiple convenient locations, and we offer low-dose in-office CT imaging capability throughout—allowing patients to avoid an additional trip to radiology. We have relied on our MiniCATs for almost two decades—it’s easy-to-use, the entire scan process takes minutes, and the Xoran customer service team makes sure our image quality is second-to-none.”

– John Van Wagoner, M.D.

All in your clinic. All in your control.

Thousands of ENTs use Xoran’s MiniCAT

  • enables same-day diagnosis
  • allows practices to provide low dose, contact-free imaging for patients
  • improves treatment compliance, keeping procedure revenue in the practice

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