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Showcasing the Clinical Utility of xCAT IQ for Neurosurgery and ICU

Showcasing the Clinical Utility of xCAT IQ for Neurosurgery and ICU

Xoran recently hosted a lab at The Jacobs Institute, a medical innovation nonprofit center. Our interactive presentation showcased the clinical utility of the xCAT IQ for neurosurgery to the University at Buffalo Neurosurgery Team and ICU Nurses from the Buffalo General Medical Center.

Immersed in Innovation

Mobilizing the xCAT IQ in the lab setting allowed physicians and nurses to witness the simple, yet elegant workflow of xCAT IQ and its robust ability to position at the point-of-care, complete a scan, and reconstruct the image in minutes. The physicians and nurses positioned the xCAT and performed scans of phantoms—highlighting the truly mobile feature and its ease-of-use.

Truly Mobile 

We mobilized the xCAT by transporting it through the hospital and to the ICU. xCAT was positioned in the two smallest ICU rooms—to the surprise of the nurses who commented that they have been waiting for something like this for years.

The solution you’ve been waiting for…

xCAT IQ offers fast and easy patient positioning, 20-40 second scans, and soft tissue images in minutes—giving neurologists and neurosurgeons the clinical information they need to make vital decisions.

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